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Archive nodes

When querying the historical ledger state of your transaction node in your QBS member, you might receive a missing trie node error. This is caused by state tree pruning, a behavior where the historical block state is not kept on the node.

State tree pruning prevents unnecessary storage consumption on the node for chains with large historical data, and ensures that querying the historical state doesn't impact the node's ability to process transactions on the network.

Archive nodes allow you to access the historical state without impacting transaction processing. The archive node is run as another transaction node in addition to your primary transaction node. The archive node has access to the full historical state while your primary transaction node continues to prune.

Add a transaction node with archive node support

To add a transaction node with archive support to your QBS Member, follow the add a transaction node How-to, ensuring you select True for the isArchiveNode parameter.


The isArchiveNode parameter is set to False by default when adding new transaction nodes to avoid unnecessary storage consumption.

Once your new transaction node is provisioned, it may take some time for the full historical state to sync to your node.