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Get the Tessera public key

QBS uses Tessera as the private transaction manager, which enables you to send and receive private transactions from one QBS member transaction node to another. To send and receive private transactions, you need the Tessera public key.

Use the Quorum Blockchain Service (QBS) management API to retrieve your Tessera public key.


  1. Select Authorize on the API website to get authorization to run the APIs.

    Authorize API

  2. Select the GET request for Get the details of the transaction node under the TransactionNodes section.

  3. Select Try it out.

    Get Tessera public key

Sample JSON result
"id": "/subscriptions/060443b5-fa0a-4a86-b1d7-eee3c630e4e0/resourceGroups/devtool-testing/providers/Microsoft.Solutions/applications/consensys/transactionNodes/transaction-1",
"location": "eastus",
"name": "transaction-1",
"type": "ConsenSys.Blockchain/blockchainMembers/transactionNodes",
"properties": {
"dns": "",
"firewallRules": [],
"provisioningState": "Succeeded",
"publicKey": "8Bjk....JMqw="

publicKey is the Tessera public key. In this example, 8Bjk....JMqw=.