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Monitor network traffic

Each QBS member has an Azure Log Analytics workspace to capture logs. If you want to track incoming IP addresses connecting to your QBS member's transaction node, view the BlockchainProxyLog_CL logs.

This can be helpful when the IP addresses of your application stack have changed and you need to identify the IP addresses to add to your firewall rules.

Access the QBS Log Analytics

To access the QBS logs for your QBS member:

  1. Open your QBS member in the Azure Portal.

  2. Select your managed resource group in the Overview tab.

    Managed resource group

  3. In the working pane, open qbs-logs

    QBS logs

View the logs

To view the QBS logs for your QBS member:

  1. In the General section, select Logs, and expand Custom logs. This reveals the BlockchainProxyLog_CL log.


  2. In the query window, enter the following KQL and select Run.

    | where Code_s contains "200"
  3. Scroll through the results window to the Remote_s column, which lists the IP addresses accessing your transaction node.

BlockchainProxyLog Results

You can also specify a Time range and adjust the Display time to your local timezone to more easily track down specific IP address activity.