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Remove a transaction node from your Quorum Blockchain Service member

If you have added additional transaction nodes to your QBS member, you can remove them later if desired.


If the transaction node being removed has any private state, this data is deleted when removing the node. Removed transaction nodes can't be recovered.

Remove a transaction node

You can use the QBS management API to remove transaction nodes to your QBS member. Select Authorize on the API website to authorize running the APIs.

Authorize API

Once you authorize the API, select the DELETE request Removes a transaction node under the TransactionNodes section, and select Try it out.

Try it out

In the fields for the API request, enter the following using your QBS member information:

  • subscriptionID - Your subscription ID, found in the Overview tab for your QBS member, under the Essentials section.

  • resourceGroupName - The resource group to which your QBS member is deployed. Note this isn't the Managed Application resource group.

  • blockchainMemberName - The name of your QBS member, also known as the name of your Managed Application, located in the upper-left corner of the Overview tab.

  • transactionNodeName - The name of the transaction node to be removed.

Overview Page

Once you've entered the fields, select Execute. A response code 200 Success indicates the transaction node was successfully removed from your QBS member.

Verify the removal of your transaction node

To verify your transaction node was successfully removed, select the GET request List the transaction nodes for a blockchain member under the TransactionNodes section, and select Try it out.

Get transaction node

Your removed transaction node no longer shows in the output of the API.