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Leave a consortium

Members in a Quorum Blockchain Service (QBS) consortium that have the OWNER role can remove other members from the consortium.

If a member in the network chooses to leave the consortium and has the MEMBER role, they must contact another member in the consortium that also has the OWNER role to remove them from the consortium.

To remove a member from a consortium, use the DELETE method on the ConsortiumManagement endpoint of QBS management API.

Delete a member

The URI endpoint has the following format:


This endpoint requires the following parameters:

  • {inviterSubscriptionId} - Subscription ID.
  • {inviterResourceGroupName} - Resource group name.
  • {inviterBlockchainMemberName} - Managed app name of the owner of the consortium.
  • {memberNameToRemove} - Name of the QBS managed app of the member to remove from the consortium.

The leaving member will no longer be part of the consortium, but retains all their data unless they choose to delete their managed app.

curl -X DELETE{azureSubscriptionId}/resourceGroups/QbsContosoGroup/providers/ConsenSys.Blockchain/blockchainMembers/consortiumMembers/QbsFabrikhamApp