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List members of a consortium

Members in a Quorum Blockchain Service (QBS) consortium that have the OWNER role can list all current members using the GET method on the ConsortiumManagement endpoint of the QBS management API.

List consortium members

The URI endpoint has the following format:


This endpoint requires the following parameters:

  • {inviterSubscriptionId} - Subscription ID.
  • {inviterResourceGroupName} - Resource group name.
  • {inviterBlockchainMemberName} - Managed app name of the owner of the consortium.

Optionally, you can specify two query parameters:

  • includeRemoved - Set to true to see members that have left the consortium. The default is false.
  • includeDeleted - Set to true to see members that have had their Azure resources deleted. The default is false.

The following video demonstrates how to interact with the Swagger UI to use the ConsortiumManagement API to list members of an existing consortium.


curl -X GET